Welcome to www.Janspeed-Conversions.co.uk

The aim of this website is provide a central resource for all information of Janspeed conversions and converted cars together.

Currently we are compiling information from websites, articles, magazines, brochures etc.

If you own a Janspeed converted car of any description, then please email me at jonathan@janspeed-conversions.co.uk
I would love to feature your car in the 'Cars' section when or website is finished.

As a bit of background for this website, I own a Janspeed Twin Turbo Jaguar XJ40. I have spent 6 months researching the car and have virtually come up with nothing, short of a few magazine articles.
In that time I have come across 3 other Janspeed XJ40's, so I decided to create this website as a means of us owners contacting each other and sharing any information we may have.

I would also like to point out that I have no official connection with the company Janspeed itself.